Destination Retreats For Nurses

Feeling stuck, bored, or lost? Like you don't know what's next?

Surround yourself with support and encouragement to break through the barriers that are keeping you down.

What We Do...

  • Engage in interactive sessions covering a range of healthcare business topics
  • Network, collaborate, brainstorm, and discover new opportunities
  • Serene tropical surroundings, and wellness activities to unwind, rejuvenate, and recharge
  • Walk on the beach and enjoy the ocean and beautiful Oahu shoreline scenery 
  • Relaxation and self-care activities, including massage and meditation 
  • Gain valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice
  • Walk the mountain trails and explore the Ko'olau Mountain Waterfall Trail 

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Retreat Objectives

If you've ever wanted to do something and felt like. you were too small for it, unequipped or just plain said, "But How?", you aren't alone. We need each other to have awakenings and revelations about our situations and potential. We can't do it alone. This retreat will help you get out of your head and get crystal clear on what you want and how you'll get it.

Embrace your past experiences. Recognize your amazing gifts and talents.

Value Interconnection
Learn how to leverage your connections, prioritize relationships, and network for success.

Find your passion and make a plan to turn ideas to action for maximum impact and joy.

Skyrocket Confidence
 Discover what it looks like to propel yourself forward to your desired future without fear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, this is at a retreat center, with an intimate tight-knit feel. It is a relatively remote location for Hawaii, outside of major tourist areas and 40 minutes from the airport. There are no pools or amenities onsite. It is 300 feet from the beach and 300 feet from the mountain trailhead. You can find more information here:  Retreat Center Location and retreat photo gallery here:  Retreat Center Photo Gallery

This is an intimate setting. There are shared dorm-style rooms with 3 twin beds and a "glamping" canvas tent room with two twin beds. Because of the small size, two VIP rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. The bathrooms are also shared. You can find more information here:  Retreat Center Location and retreat photo gallery here:  Retreat Center Photo Gallery

All transportation including flights are purchased by the attendee. The airport is Honolulu (HNL). Transportation to the retreat center will be set up by the attendee. Uber are Taxi's are available from the airport and I'll request itineraries and facilitate sharing transportation costs when possible. Booking flights on a Tuesday before 30 days prior to travel ensures the best possible rates.

The nature of this retreat is for nurses interested in self-employment and business, so while the destination is definitely one to share with your spouse, if your spouse is not a nurse or healthcare professional, this retreat isn't the right fit. Private rooms are extremely limited and the retreat-style dorm is not ideal for couples. Accompanying nurse spouses receive the friend discount below!

YES! The layout of the retreat center is perfect for bringing your friends. If you'd like to bring a friend you can get $250 off of your registration, and you AND your friend will get $250 off your registration cost.

The goal of the retreat is to come into full confidence in your story and your abilities to create success and see the impact you desire. This will be done with workshop-type seminars and group activities. Traditional tourist activities like Luau's and other events aren't a part of this program, although there will be activities embracing Hawaii's beauty and cultural heritage.